Why do I keep losing money on Crypto?

Why do I keep losing money on Crypto, How do you trade crypto without losing money?, Can you lose money in Cryptocurrency?, How many crypto traders lose?

This are questions asked by several persons, so you see, you are not the first. People make mistakes, make the wrong call, turn or decision. As the saying goes

No One is an Island

Now, the truth is that. You can avoid losing money on crypto unnecessarily. Is this possible? The straight answer is Yes! its super possible to stop losing money on crypto trading.

Why do I keep losing money on Crypto?

Stopping an issue can not be possible when it is not done right from the source. Here are some reasons why traders both old and new keep losing money on crypto.

Greed: This is the major reason why crypto is never in your favour. You keep allowing greed to lead you in making decision. There is NO amount of profit that is okay for anyone but able to set a limit to how much you can take and how long you can wait in the market can save you a lot from losing money on crypto every single time you trade.

I always advise traders to have this two points, which will form the next reason why traders keep losing money on crypto

Failure to follow market strategy: When you trade, the two points are super important. Always have a buying and trading point when trading. This will save you the stress of rushing in and out of the market just because you want to make money in crypto.

Hasty decisions as it is might not always save you, sometimes hasty decisions becomes traps to you if you did not hold back a bit a rethink.

As you have seen above, not all traders lose anyhow in the crypto-space.

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