How to Start Freelancing in Nigeria

In the previous freelancing topic, we talk about how to get your payment from any freelancing site, here in Nigeria and i made mention of about 5 different methods, that you can use to get your payment. It is very clear to notice that we will be discussing base on a targeted country Nigeria. Its good to remind you that you can find freelancers from all over the world including Nigeria but How to start freelancing in Nigeria might be a question, you would want to seek answer for.


For over decades, freelancing has been into existence and only a few had the resources and knowledge about it. Due to the expenses like having a good smart phone, a personal computer and a data connection. The cost of havingĀ  this items was expensive during the past two decades but now, it more easier than before.


Is it good to be a freelancer in Nigeria

The right answer to this question is YES. The fact i said, YES, doesn’t mean, others will agree with my response but the fact remains that its easy to make money working online here in Nigeria. I will explain the reason here for you to understand.


In terms of conversion rate: When working online for a foreign website or clients, they pay in top currencies like Dollar, pounds or Euro. Now looking at it now, we now have cryptocurrency as a part of accepting payment online. Now, let do a small calculation and see what happens. If a company hires you to render a service which cost $30 and 10 persons hired you that month. You are making ($30 X 10 = $300) monthly working from home. If $300 is converted to a Nigerian currency, its about #150,000. This is a payment a company in Nigeria will rarely pay an employee with high educational qualification.


Value: The foreign companies appreciate work done well. They pay nicely when you offer them the best of your service. They are higher that your local clients.



How to Start Freelancing in Nigeria

To start a Freelancing job in Nigeria, you will have to acquire items or tools to form your company. Just like a normal physical worker or a skilled laborer like a carpenter, he needs his tool to be able to join wood together using hammer and nail, same is applicable to a freelancer. He or she needs their working tools to be able to deliver a service effectively.


What is freelancing tools

Freelancers has tools used in Delivery of services. This are devices used to work online, which include phone, laptop or Desktop with an internet connection. With this, any freelancer anywhere in the world can connect to potential clients and get hired by business owners, agency or company and they get paid after a successful service delivery.


By getting these tools, that is the most important step to becoming a real freelancer. Without these tools, how can you connect to clients in and out of your environment? Without these tools, how can you connect with foreign clients or even get a job online? That will be impossible.


Create your personal profile: You just need to have a professional profile or portfolio about your freelance services you offer, with this, it will be more easy for clients, agency or company will be able to locate you. This portfolio could be a personal web page, Facebook business page or from a freelancing service website like Fiverr, upwork and Oziconnect.


How to create a professional freelance Profile?

Your profile is what client see and will attract them towards your service(s), so the way it explains your services on your portfolio matter alot, for it can either draw clients in or scare them off.


In summery, Your phone, laptop or desktop with internet connection is what when brought together by creating a profile of your freelance skill can bring freelancing jobs to you. Do well to utilize your devices well.

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