How to Save Money on Piggyvest and makeup to N5,000 daily

What is Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a registered mobile banking and saving company in Nigeria which assist a whole lot of people in financial savings through the the use of their device.

Piggyvest is most of saving than other things you can think of from a normal banking company in Nigeria. Its limited to saving, investing and future monetary planning for target to be met.

 So, with the little explanation of what piggyvest is all about, let now see how money can be made from the use of piggyvest, how you can make N5,000 to N10,000 each day with piggyvest. Is it possible?

How Does PiggyVest Works?

As we checked earliy on the meaning of piggyvest, we see it a financial company that works like a bank but theyre more into saving, investing and future planning. They started as, but has grown so big that they have gotten over 200,000 registered customers.

Piggyvest as a financial investing sections that you can decide to use in saving your cash. Here we have 5 major saving/investment plans:

  • Safelock
  • Piggyvest
  • Target-plan
  • Flex greenback
  • Flex naira and nevertheless counting.

Next, we will discuss the feaures of the piggyvest mobile banking plans

Create a Piggyvest Account Now

Lists of All 6 Piggyvest Features

Here are all of the piggyvest features that you need to understand

  1. Piggybank
  2. Safelock
  3. Flex greenback
  4. Flex naira
  5. Target plan
  6. Investify

Piggyvest Piggybank Feature

Piggybank is the main Savings feature On the App, You can pick any sum of money you need to invest or save; the cash could be debited or transferred out of your Nigeria bank account to piggybank and stored in a secure account till you are eligible to apply the cash.

piggybank makes it possible to reduce the amount of times your withdraw your funds within a year(12 months). This will help you hold the savings on and reduces unnecessary spending.

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During this process, you earn what we known as PIGGYPOINT for each shopping you make and this piggypoint may be redeemed to your FLEX NAIRA and theyre allowed to withdraw it.

Here is how the point is been converted

1 Piggypoint = N10

Piggyvest SafeLock Feature

The safe Lock feature is vast amazing to use for it minimize the usage of cash. SafeLock is clearly what makes piggyVest the exceptional virtual saving platform in Nigeria. When using this feature on the app, youre giving strong restriction to access your money anyhow and youre given over 5% of your locked funds in this section.

Heres an instance, suppose you have a future plan like you need to buy a new smartphone, or laptop or anything you might which to save on, you can make use of this Safelock feature on your Piggyvest app and save your cash depending on the period of time you which to get the item or whatever you are saving for.

The main reason of this feature is to prevent you from unneccesary spending of cash you have set asside for a particular purpose. When the target is saved to meet, funds is been removed from your flex account to your safelock section either on weekly or monthly basis till the duration is finally completed.

You must strive it.

Moreover, with piggyvest safelock feature you make N5,000 or more each day, you can earn by referring your family and friends.

You earn N1000 for every persons who registered via your link and make a minimum deposit of N500 to their piggyvest app.

But not all individual is able to know it all, so i will guide you on how to withdraw from the safelock feature on your piggyvest app. So, keep reading the article to the end.

Piggyvest Target Savings

The Target financial savings is referred to as Savings Challenge. Piggyvest Target is a bit different to Safelock which you only save or shop all by yourself, the goal using this saving feature you and others can shop for an unusual place hobby.

You are allowed to safe in a group and attain your goal, just like a challenge. Its also can be labelled saving competition and this is really fun. Try this out, so you dont feel bored or discouraged when saving.

Piggyvest Flex Naira

The Flex Naira account is for bendy financial savings for emergencies. The section on the apps are requested for to be used for frequent purpose.

In your piggyvest flex naira account all hobbies out of your saving plans (just like the piggyvest factors you earn) and goals are paid into your piggyvest flex naira account.

Earnings from this account may be withdrawn whenever and likewise, transferred to different saving plans with none charges.

Piggyvest Flex Dollar account

This is a brand new piggyvest feature that allows you to shop and develop your wealth in bucks and earn as much as 6% profit.

Here is how way it works and how to earn from this spot.

For instance, you can save at this section when dollar is cheap as N360, it doesn’t matter the duration but let say along the line. Dollar increases, you can decide to redeem your cash and you earn a reasonable profit. If from N360 dollar increases to N400 or N450. Hmm, you see it now baah?

So you spot how you can benefits piggyvest flex greenback account? Don’t forget to try this out.

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Piggyvest Investify Feature

The Piggyvest Investify feature is awesome also, it allows you put your money into a pre-vetted low medium hazard number one and secondary funding possibilities without difficulty with any quantity cash you’ve gotten. No hidden fees/charges. You can invest your cash into different industries such as agriculture, transportation and get constant profits.

How to Register on PiggyVest and Start Saving

Now it’s to sign in on piggyvest and begin playing piggyvest capabilities.

  • Visit PiggyVest Website and create your Piggyvest Account
  • Click on create an account after clicking the link above.
  • Fill the form and submit.

Do not download the app in case you haven’t create an account with the hyperlink above.

  • Now download piggyvest Mobile App from playstore or the use the link here.
  • Log into your profile.
  • Now you may begin saving and make cash.

Note: If you don’t sign in with the link above you may leave out getting N1000 registration bonus, additionally whole putting in your account in different to begin making cash from piggyvest at the same time as saving.

How to Start Making Money from Piggyvest?

Now you have completely created your account its time to be getting cash too.

Like I stated in earlier that you can make N5, 000 to N10, 000 each day. Yes, no kidding.

How to make N5000 to N10000 or extra each day with Piggyvest

  • Login your piggyvest account, preferably use the piggyvest app.
  • Click the piggyvest profile icon.
  • Scroll and find refer & earn N1000.
  • Now apply what you have read so far.
  • Start sharing your referral links to your family and friends and you get N1000 for any individuals you refer and the individual additionally receives N1000 safelock bonus.
  • If the individual doesn’t use your referral link he won’t get the bonus too.

If about 10 individuals successfully register using my link, 10 X N1000 = N10,000, so i make N10,000

So with piggyvest referral program, you may make a lot cash on daily basis.

How to withdraw your piggyvest referral bonus.

You can withdraw your piggyvest referral bonus without difficulty following this procedure.

Steps to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Create a piggyvest Account Now

Frequent Question Asked about Piggyvest

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