How to Hyperlink your Comment On Nairaland Forum

How to Hyperlink your Comment On Nairaland Forum

You’re probably wondering how to hyperlink your comment on Nairaland forum and texts. I had this confusion for a long time but couldn’t just get it to work.

Well, here I’ll highlight why you should want to hyperlink your comments (or texts if you’re the topic creator) on Nairaland, and how to do it.

Why: Founded in March 2005 by Seun Osewa, Nairaland forum has grown to be an online community and ranked among the top-visited websites in Nigeria. Nairaland is the biggest forum in Africa, with a Domain Authority of 82+ and over 2.5 million users. It is an ideal spot to get backlinks to your business to grow your traffic and domain authority, SEO-wise.

How to Hyperlink Your Nairaland Comment

After writing your comment, find the part you would want to hyperlink as your anchor text. An anchor text is a clickable text.

For instance, my comment on Nairaland may go: “Hello, I own a Tech and Review Blog.” The bolden part is my anchor text, and it’s super great for SEO!

So, hyperlink your comment on the Nairaland forum by following the steps carefully.

  • Highlight your anchor text and click on that earth Symbol to insert your hyperlink.
hyperlink nairaland comment
  • There is a

[url] tag wrapping your anchor text now.

url tag on nairaland

  • Add =yourURL to the first [url], so it becomes [url=yourURL]Your anchor text[/url]


    comment link on nairaland
    • Click Submit, and that’s all.

    If you prefer a video tutorial instead, watch this one below by OgbongeBlog – Very easy, straightforward stuff.

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