How to get new customers through SMS marketing?

Advert is very important to your business but marketing sell better, how? Many brands has wasted so much in advertisement that ends up not converting and with that, loosed so much funds for an advert campaign. Does that mean adverts are dead or is not working anymore? The plain answer is NO… Adverts are very very important but marketing

hits the nail by the head

How to get new customers through SMS marketing? 

All you need is, use what works better for you business and use new methods when you seem to loose alot from a particular method of getting audience or traffic.


BulkSMShad been known for its long existence and with that, many brands has forgotten it does convert to leads and sales. Why do you need marketing through SMS?

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How do I start SMS marketing?

So many are confuse on how they can start with bulksms marketing to their old or new customers. Here i will show you what is needed to get started with sms marketing to all your customers. It does not matter who the clients are, even old clients/customers needs to be contacted. Do you need help to get started? Then, you need to keep reading.

How do I start SMS marketing?

 As i mentioned earlier, your customers where old or new need to get sms on daily basis to keep them up to date about what you are offering and what you still offer. So may cannot stay without using one or two of your products.

So, has forgot or might have lost your company business contact details and your marketing will serve as a reminder and they will be glad to contact you to get an update. Do not limit to just sms, you can do other forms of marketing.

As a note, also try to collect your customers whether old or new their contact detail such as name, address (optional) and one major one is business, personal or home phone number. By keeping this details will help to send out sms campaign. Such campaigns need to be divided.

How to contact your old customer through SMS marketing?

Your old customers need to hear from you, so do not assume they will always remember or keep you in mind but you need to be the one to ones in a while, drop a short message of appreciation or reminders. This will make them remember you or your services or what ever you offer.


How do you write a marketing text?

 Marketing text needs to be well written and charming enough to draw the attention of new customers in. Does this need to be in a very long write-up? The answer remains NO, a short and direct message will do the trick.

Lengthy sms will be expensive and will loose the taste in drawing attention to your brand or services, so be formal in your sms marketing campaigns to new clients. The way you interact with your new customers will tell them to either contact you or shut you out. So, be as direct as possible.


How do I sell through text?

 Through SMS campaign, you can reach millions of customers, you need to give them what they want. When you sell what people need, they will stick to your  brand and only your brand. They will become reliable and loyal to you.

Use the right words for them. They will follow you and with  that, you can sell to them any products, services etc.

Since you now know how sms marketing is all about.

How to get new customers through SMS marketing?

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In conclusion, one of the best most read and converting marketing methods is SMS Marketing campaigns.
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