How much money can a freelancer make?

When i came to learn about the internet and how it works, i love the fact people can make money from the internet without stress but it was very different for me when i began. I was expecting to make my first $100 within a couple of days but it was a frustrating event i experience and i was penniless,  LOL!. All i was asking myself was, How much money can a freelancer make?, the reason i asked my self that question because i was interested to become a freelancer and it not turning out easy for me. I have tried to make it work but no avail. It was opposite of making money. That was a frustrating moment for me.


How can I be a better freelancer?

The fact i did not make a dim when i first started as a freelancer was not an excuse that a freelancer cannot or do not make money, the thing was, i was not a better freelancer. I made several wrong move and it turn on me and was making me not be productive and i was not well inform about the steps needed to be productive as a freelancer who want to make a profession as a freelancer.

You might be asking yourself, what does becoming a better freelancer involved. Well, it very simple.


Here are what i did wrong


Low productivity: I was very much available to be a freelancer without having the right tools and skills. A freelancer make an effort to be well skilled in delivery to satisfy the client and make him or her know you are good at what you are doing.

No social profile or Portfolio: You need clients to get you online, how do they get to find you when you are no where to be found online. No social media presence or well setup business social profile, stating your services which you can deliver in a very high degree.

No Advertisement of services: After getting the above mentioned and you did not go ahead to advertise, you are still going to be on the same point. Making progress and earning money is what you will want to do as a freelancer and the only to achieve that is to make money but how can you make money with No one recognizing you or hiring you?


All this was what i was doing very wrong and its a stop point for doubt, i was like “It seems freelancer are not making money at all”. The fact that i was not making any dim as a beginner was something that will make anyone discouraged as will not want to even commence but the earlier you discover the pothole and you are going around it, making progress will not take you anything to double-up.


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What can I do to make money as a freelancer?


You can make money as a freelancer, only by following the right part.