How Freelancers Can Attract New Clients

How Freelancers Can Attract New Clients Using

Freelancing is one of the growing industries in the world today. Many people prefer working online as compared to the normal routine of 9-5 jobs. Freelancers have a very flexible work as they do all their tasks from the comfort of their homes. There is no need to spend additional costs on renting an office space or employing thousands of employees. There are different freelancing platforms that people use to get traffic on their accounts so that they are in a position to get more work.

In addition to that, freelancers can either work independently, work as part of a big company, or use a professional to get work. The good thing about freelancing is that you are not committed to any long term employer-employee contract. In addition to that, most freelancing platforms require freelancers to be top sellers or buyers to get more traffic into their accounts. This takes hard work and dedication, and provision of quality articles from the seller. There are several ways through which freelancers can attract new clients. Some of the ways include getting a 5-star rating, getting positive feedback from the majority of your buyers, responding to your clients’ messages on time, and providing work according to the requirements. is a freelance marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. Freelancers can attract new clients using in the following ways.

  1. Checking on the Buyer’s Requests

Buyer’s requests are jobs that should be done and are posted by the buyer. This happens when a buyer is looking for the most appropriate and highly rated seller to bid on his request. If you know that you possess the right skills and you are qualified for the specified task, then you can bid on the buyer’s request. If, by any chance, the buyer accepts your request and you happen to do the required task well, then he or she will leave positive feedback on your account. People who are looking for top sellers will be able to see you at the top of the job, and through this, you can attract new clients.


  1. Put in quality work

Every client is looking for quality work that is readable, grammatically correct, and plagiarism free. Your experience and the work that you provide are not everything that the buyer is looking for, and rather they want to see ideas flowing when they go through your work. The provision of quality work helps you in attracting more clients, and a buyer can easily pick on you when you bid a request that he or she has posted on the freelance platform.


  1. Have live links to your published work

Some buyers will not look at other buyer’s reviews only, but they would want to have access to any of your works that have been published online. This assures them that you provide great content and that your buyers feel amazing about the services you are ordering, and that is why you keep having a flood of new clients. allows you to see some of the posted projects, discuss the details of the project with you, and to award you the work if you qualify for the job.


  1. Pricing your gigs reasonably.

The first thing that most clients see when they get on your platform is your gig. Having one gig might not sell your services as much as having about 3 or 4 gigs could. In addition to that, pricing your gigs high when you are a new seller scares clients away because they are still not familiar with the kind of services you offer. However, that does not mean that low-price gigs are of poor quality, but it is better to get your clients to know more about the services you offer before increasing your gigs. Prizing your gigs reasonably helps buyers find you easily in this freelance marketplace.

  1. Positive rating and feedback

A positive rating will get your account flooded with new orders from different clients. This is because they trust in the feedback of the other buyers and believe that if you can satisfy the needs of one buyer, then you will do the same for them. helps buyers to locate the best-selling and highly rated freelancers. Doing a good job will make your clients rate you positively and leave positive feedback on your account reviews. When a new client sees the feedback, he or she will order your services.


  1. Capture the attention of the right audience

It would be best if you attracted the right audience when displaying your services. For instance, you are an article writer, ensure that you display the service to attract the customers looking for the same service. Therefore, the best way that you can adopt to attract new clients using this market place is to pursue clients who are looking for the service that you are providing. This also helps in growing your account and customer-base, and to also understand the kind of work that is entailed in a freelancing company.


  1. Create a google friendly blog

It is important to have a blog of your own because it helps you come up quickly on google keywords are put in. Implement the use of SEO and make all your blogs google friendly. In the future, different clients will be able to find you, and your blog will pop up when they use the relevant keywords.


In conclusion, attracting new clients is not as easy as many people think. All you have to do is to provide quality work, which is plagiarism free, attach links to the already posted blogs, and taking advantage of the positive rating and feedback left of the account. Also, ensure that you have a blog and that all your articles are SEO (Search Engine Optimize) so that one can easily access your account when they type in a common keyword in the article you are handling. is a freelancer marketplace that brings both buyers and sellers together. Therefore, you can attract new clients using this social site by considering any of the above methods.


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