What is the most searched thing on Google ever?

How do you get your first page rank on Google?

The fact about SEO and Ranking factors and means has been mistaken or should I say misunderstood by many online guys (i.e. Bloggers and some lame SEO agencies). The Fact is really covered by our own lazy means not to find the main answer to the actual question we rightfully have to ask: How to rank?, What is the main tactics of ranking?

Belief it or not, it takes a lot to rank your products, your blog or better i say contents, yeah! Well, the fact is this people will tell you. “Your Domain Authority needs to be up to 100 before you can rank” or “Your blog is new, so you cannot rank”… What! Did I hear that correctly or did someone slap my face with that sweet lies? Well, Well… THE truth about ranking is so much and no one want to be like the novice or amateur in the SEO and Ranking issues.

There are several facts and tips regarding SEO and Ranking that so many people do not understand and with that, they miss the whole point about SEO and ranking. The fact about Ranking is pinned on several factors and ones the major part is taken less important, woo… You are going no where near front page of Google.

How to Rank a website product or blog?

Submit your Website url for Google Indexing: Yeah! You want to rank your website on Google, so tell Google about your Website. How do you grt to rank on Google if you have not register and tell them you are aiming for a better position. By you registering, you are now going to be recognize and your website will be watched from time to time on every update you make concerning any new blog posts or contents. You can do this by submitting your website to Google Sitmap.


Keywords and Contents: I know you are surprise about the fact is mentioned this first before others but How do you get your first page rank on Google, this matters first and should be the number one on the least. So many people do not understand the concept about ranking. The Website or blog need to rank but what do you want to rank for if they are not available. What actually rank a blog or websites are contents or blog posts. A website can not always get to front page for nothing if there are no write-up inside the blog or site for people to get engaged in reading.

What Tools you need to run keyword Research? Here is the one i use, its called UberSuggest By Neil Patel try it out for free.

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Backlinks: You have started writing articles and other website can mention your article o their blogs and assist your visibility.

Domain Authority: This works together with backlinks and it assist in making a site rank. Please, understand this is not a must that the website will rank because the Domain Authority is high. If the site Authority is high, you need to focus on the Content write-up and Keywords.

Do you offer SEO Services?

I offer SEO service which can make your Website, Products or blog to rank front page of Google and increases your web visibility, Domain Score and Authority.