Crypto Whales: The infiltrators of Crypto Market

The whole crypto coin as a whole can be infiltrated by a single or collective traders who are known as well trader. They tend to manifest themselves by rigging the market to become unstable. Crypto whales have a say in how they want the market to be and we have some many of this crypto trader whales in almost all crypto coins.

What is infiltrator?

According to Dictionary Cambridge The world Infiltrator means:

A person who secretly becomes part of a group in order to get information or to influence the way the group thinks or behaves.

This is so commonly related to influencer or coin pumpers. They have the power to decide what the outcome of the market will be.

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Are the Crypto Whales the main benefactors of the Market?

No matter how the market turns out to be, there are many who will enjoy and also suffer for every instability that occurs in the market. A coin dumps, there are millions lost fro other trader and A coin Pumps and millions gained. Its two sides of the coin and its better of time to detect which part you fall under. The benefactors or the looser

What Do you think about Crypto Whales, are they danger to crypto growth?

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