Can Elon Musk loose power over crypto?

The crypto market is very easy to manipulate and the crypto whales are always eager to hold the line without backing off so easily. The big question so many keep asking “Can Elon Must loose power over crypto? Well, the answer can rightly be No, but so many will want to say otherwise.

The reason why nothing can be done inside the crypto world its because of the flexibility it has. When something can be easily influence buy crypto influencers due to financial power the risk remains and the manipulation continues in this regards.

Can Elon Musk loose power over crypto?

For Years, only the rich dominates many levels in life and it has never changed. The fact that the crypto world wants to be uncontrollable the logic of been flexible cannot allow it pass through successfully without been manipulated.

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Only Influential crypto whales has the power to change the outcome of a coin with their wealth.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is among the top 3 riches in the world. His wealth is beyond country(ies) and continents, based on analyses, his wealth is capable of advancing the whole of Africa Continent away from poverty.

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Elon Musk and Co. power over Cryptocurrency

The dream of having an uncontrolled cryptocurrency market will always continue to be a dream. There is nothing that can change as far as we are talking about the world richest persons involved

We are not just saying common random persons but people with influence, power and wealth. The chances of cryptocurrency been uncontrolled will always stay mute. There are blind arguments that cannot be erased and topics like this with NO stronger backings will remain penetrable.

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