6 Reasons Why Online Teaching Is A Great Opportunity For A Freelancer

Reasons Why Online Teaching Is A Great Opportunity For A Freelancer


Online teaching has become the new normal in our time. Being connected to people all around the world allows industries to rapidly expand globally especially in the field of education. Here are six 6 reasons why online teaching is a great opportunity for a freelancer.


1. Reliability and Stability


Being in an unstable and competitive environment, freelancers often feel uncertainty about their jobs. Having a constant source of income is a dream for most freelancers. With online teaching, their chances of landing a stable job is significantly amplified as more and more students and parents are choosing to study through the internet.


2. Higher rates compare to other jobs


According to the Payoneer blog, thirty percent (30%) of new freelance writers earn under $10 an hour. While the thirty-one percent (31%) of experienced freelance writers earn up to $11-$25 per hour.


Online teachers earn significantly more compared to writers. A first-year online teacher can earn up to $15-$18 per hour. That rate can increase to $25+ per hour. Considering that online teachers can stay in their comfort of their own home and earn this much cash – it’s a pretty good opportunity.


3. Rising demand for such service in our time


With the global pandemic affecting almost every aspect of human life today, education is greatly impacted. Students all over the world cannot go to school as governments implement quarantine and prolonged lockdowns. The industry of online teaching will continue to gain traction in the coming months until a vaccine is available, so take advantage of this time!


Furthermore, this global event has opened the eyes of many people on how powerful and convenient online education can be. This creates so many opportunities for online teachers.


4. Flexibility of work

The freedom to choose their own time and place of work is one of the best perks of being a freelancer. However, it doesn’t end there. Online teachers also have the freedom to use their own method of teaching, using techniques, lesson plans and approaches that they prefer. This stimulates passion and creativity which is altogether a fantastic perk of the job.


5. So many platforms available

There are many freelance platforms offering great interface and deals for online teachers. Work on identifying which ones best suit your needs and wants as an educator and start creating an account.


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